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...Maybe We'll Get To Meet Ashton!

11 January 1991
Hickville, Missouri, United States
Drysdale High RP
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4 wheelers, ace young, acting, adam pascal, animals, anthony green, being random, biology, boxes, broadway musicals, buying silly things, candles, cell phone, chapstick, cinderella man, clear vision drama company, coloring books, contests, crazy pictures, dark, degrassi, disposable cameras, dressing up, drums, fantasy, fefe dobson, flyleaf, friends, genetics, graphic design, guitar girl, hanging out, harry potter, hawaiian punch, high school, high school musical, html, internet, jingle cats, laughter, learning german, life with derek, lucas grabeel, madrigal dinners, making new friends, masquerades, music, musicals, nachos, nes, night, nightmare before christmas, nintendogs, notebooks, paramore, parties, photography, pins, pirates of the caribbean, purple, purses, reading, rent, ringo starr, roleplaying, saosin, sarra manning, scarfs, shopping, singing, skye sweetnam, sleep, soda tabs, sports movies, staying up all night, super mario bros. 3, the beatles, the breakfast club, the lion king, the sims 2, the used, theatre, tim burton, vh1, video games, writing

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